Rockhurst introduces new schedule

The 2017-2018 school year brings changes to the Rockhurst community, especially the student body. In addition to the new learning spaces in the building, there is also a new schedule. The new schedule adds a 25 minute activity period after second period to every school day, except late starts. With the addition of more free time throughout the day, each passing period is reduced by one minute. A recent survey of 97 student shows that  26.8% of those students show up late to class regularly, which translates to about 268 student out of the entire school. But the majority of students do find benefits in the added daily time.

In a recent survey of 97 Rockhurst students, 81.3% of them prefer the new schedule compared to the old one, which consisted of a forty-five minute long activity period once a week and five minute passing periods. “I prefer the new 25 minute activity period because it allows for more opportunity to visit clubs, do homework and hang out with friends on days none of your classes drop,” senior Nick Collins said.

Likewise, senior Michael Crowe has stated, “If you are in multiple clubs, you can vary which club you attend each day instead of having to rotate each week and miss important meetings.” With this configuration, students can now enter multiple clubs and hop from one to another one freely. Freshman get an abundance of opportunities to visit more clubs more often, which allows them to make new friends, and discover new skillsets as they go and set the world on fire.

However, some students prefer the old schedule. “The new activity period only adds a couple minutes to flex time and takes away a longer activity period. This makes going and participating in clubs more difficult, and it also makes classes begin and end at weird times,” senior Michael Blanck said. Other students echo this notion. “The new schedule is confusing, and the four minute passing period is too short,” senior Damon Ross said.

Rockhurst will be entering into the third week of its new schedule.

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