Varsity football looks to avenge loss in big game vs. Blue Spring South

Starting out a season with an upset is usually a great way to start the season unless you’re on the losing side of it. Rock Bridge was able to extract revenge from the season opening loss last year to Rockhurst. Now the Hawklets are fighting an uphill battle going into the home opener, on shortContinue reading “Varsity football looks to avenge loss in big game vs. Blue Spring South”

New “Hawklet Center” brings excitement to new school year

Settled into the hill on the east end of the football field is the new, expensive, and extravagant Hawklet Center. In its place before was the Al Davis Jr. Fieldhouse, which served as the football locker room for 53 years. During that time, the Hawklets raised all nine of their football state championship banners. TheContinue reading “New “Hawklet Center” brings excitement to new school year”

Students stay active during the summer with TIE trips

Rockhurst doesn’t close its doors during summer. The school is still active with service trips, summer school, training sessions, etc. This year’s TIE trips and Alaska trip were two standouts, as they pushed students beyond their comfort zones and challenged them. This year’s Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors participated in TIE KC, TIE Tennessee, and TIEContinue reading “Students stay active during the summer with TIE trips”

Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Welcome to the Game of Thrones character quiz please choose either 1, 2, 3, or 4 for each question. If you found $50 on the ground, you would? 1.Take it to the proper authorities 2.Ignore it. Someone else will find it later 3.Take it to the police. 4.Pick it up and put it in yourContinue reading “Which Game of Thrones character are you?”

Ask Matt: Volume I

After the popularity of Josh O’Dell’s column “Dear Josh” last year, co-executive editor Matt Kuckelman is introducing a new advice column with the first volume of “Ask Matt.” Is it true that all MIP’s are reported to the Dean’s office as they say? Because if that were true wouldn’t kids I know be getting in trouble?Continue reading “Ask Matt: Volume I”

Rockhurst places bigger emphasis on “Time and Space”

With every new school year comes new policies meant to help us a cultivate a better learning environment. This year administration has placed a large emphasis on “time and space.” “We want guys to be able to use their entertainment and to relax during their free time. But, we don’t want it to detract fromContinue reading “Rockhurst places bigger emphasis on “Time and Space””

Rockhurst introduces new schedule

The 2017-2018 school year brings changes to the Rockhurst community, especially the student body. In addition to the new learning spaces in the building, there is also a new schedule. The new schedule adds a 25 minute activity period after second period to every school day, except late starts. With the addition of more freeContinue reading “Rockhurst introduces new schedule”