Summer’s Almost Here!

With around 8 days of school left, many students have begun to plan how they are going to spend their almost 90 day break. Summer is a time where many students often plan to work, travel, and just hangout with their friends. In a survey of 138 students, 91.3% of students say they are working this summer. Many, use summer to catch up on college visits and research.

“ I use summer tsleep and relax. But, it’s also important to work and go on college visits,” said junior, Liam Tierney. 33.8% of the same survey, reported they will be visiting colleges over their summer vacation.  Many students, go on vacation to the places they are going to college as well. 10 of the 138 will be going to the lake this summer, 9 to Mexico, 7 to Colorado, and 2 to “your house.” Nevertheless, students although may be relaxing over the summer, we can be for sure, it will be a busy summer.

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