MockState: Find out how Rockhurst’s Mock Trial team fared at State

Here ye! Here ye! All rise for the honorable Judge Judy! Court is now in session. Before the court stands the case of the state of Missouri vs Payton Reed. Payton Reed has been accused of killing the number one racquetball player in the world, Dan Whitley.

Police discovered Whitley’s dead body in an alleyway behind the Midtown Athletic Club where the tournament took place. After an investigation, authorities have charged Payton Reed, Whitley’s former sports agent, with first degree murder. Reed has staunchly professed his/her innocence and is demanding his/her day in Court. With neither side backing down, this case appears destined for trial.

This is not an actual case, but a fake one used for the activity of mock trial. This case was used this past year for the mock trial team. While utilizing this fake criminal case, the mock trial team competes in two seasons: the regular and the postseasons.

This past year the Rockhurst High School Mock Trial team won all eighteen of their ballots during the regular season. This impressive stretch of victories came after a school-best 2nd place finish at the state competition last year.

The team took this undefeated record to St. Louis for the state competition and to much of the team’s surprise a 5th place finish, only making it to the quarterfinals in the contest.

“ It was not the result that we had expected however we did perform great at state. We felt a little disappointed however we did work very hard to get to the point where we were and I thought that we had high team spirit,” Pablo Guzman, junior member of the Mock Trial team, said.

After this  somewhat disappointing loss at State, the team will begin to look forward for next year. Some team members will compete in a summer program called Gladiator Mock Trial. These members include Paul Odu (‘18),  Maguire Radosevic (‘17) and Tommy Davis (‘17).

Gladiator showcases the best high school mock trial competitors anywhere.  Gladiator is not a team tournament.  It’s one-on-one.  Your teammates, coaches, and family can help you prepare, but once you enter the courtroom, you have no co-counsel.  It’s you against everyone else.

Each trial features exactly two attorneys (one per side) and two witnesses (one per side).  The judge and jury score everything head to head.  The two attorneys are compared to one another, and the two witnesses are compared to one another.  

After four trials, the two highest-scoring competitors square off as attorneys in the championship round (we provide the witnesses for the final).  The winner is crowned best in the world.

Going forward, the mock trial team will look to continue its success for years to come.


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