Junior Ring tips

For many Rockhurst upperclass men the month of May symbolizes dance season with the Seniors having Prom and the Juniors having their Junior Ring dance. Though the Senior’s dinner plans are already arranged some Juniors may stress over pre-dance meals.

The dinner sets the tone for the night, so it is important that groups pick the correct dinner venue, thankfully I am here to help. Here are four high quality restaurants to eat at prior to the Junior Ring dance.


Garozzo’s is known for being the establishment “Where chicken spiedini began.” But Garozzo’s four Kansas City locations have also become well known for their special three course meal for high school dances. For $27.50 per person the meal includes toasted ravioli, a house salad, then a choice of lasagna fettuccine alfredo, chicken parmigiano, Spiedini di Pollo Garozzo, and classic spaghetti with meatballs. The meal ends with a dessert choice of Vanilla or Spumoni Ice Cream.

Avenues Bistro

Avenues Bistro offers an array of European selections. While it ay seem expensive, the restaurant specializes in meals under $30. With a self proclaimed “relaxed” atmosphere and a “modern take” on fine dining Avenue Bistro is a great choice for a pre-dance meal.


Lidia’s is an Italian restaurant that occupies a former railroad house just north of Kansas City’s historic Union Station. Lidia’s “evokes the warmth of an old Italian farmhouse” and offers a special three course pasta special every day. Lidia’s special is “Lidia’s Pasta Trio” which is unlimited Daily Pasta selection served tableside.

Lidia’s has classic Italian food like Lasagna and Cannoli but for the more brave there is also Polipo which is grilled octopus with warm potatoes, caper, red onion, and gaeta olives. Lidia’s dinner dinner entrees range from $17-$35.


Finally there is JJ’s a Kansas City steak and seafood restaurant. JJ’s offers high class steaks and seafood such as grilled salmon, ahi tuna, and lobster tail. JJ’s is more expensive than the other restaurants listed with the steaks ranging from $30-$58, but items like the house pasta are only $24. JJ’s has the most varied menus out of all the restaurants and would make a great choice for you pre junior ring dinner.

There are many stresses when planning a dance. Whether you should wear a suit or just a blazer with khakis, who you should ask, or where the after party should be. But when picking between Garozzo’s, Avenue Bistro, Lidia’s, and JJ’s for your pre-dance restaurant, there is no wrong choice.

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