Baseball is Back!

The Kansas City Royals start their season on April 3 against the Twins. The Royals are coming off of an average 81-81 season here they looked like they might win the World Series some weeks, but others they looked as if they might be lucky to scrape up a win in Double A ball.

The Royals had a very rough offseason. They lost key players such as Edinson Volquez, Jarrod Dyson, Wade Davis and tragically Yordano Ventura. They did add players such as Jorge Soler, Brandon Moss, Nathan Karns, and Jason Hammel, but I doubt that they will be able to replace the power and speed that we lost this year. They also no longer have the potent bullpen that they have had in years past.

This team is still built around the core players that won the World Series in 2015, so they could scrape up some old Royals’ Devil Magic. Most writers and projections have already written off the Royals as a team that might be able to finish third or fourth in the AL Central.

My prediction for the team is that they will be sellers at the trade deadline and try and just rebuild for the years ahead. There is no way that the small market players will be able to keep players like Hosmer, Moose, Escobar, and Cain together for years to come.

Although that I do hope that the Royals make another deep run into the playoffs, I cannot see it happening because of a week bullpen and pitching rotation. We also do not have man farm players to give out if Dayton Moore does try and go all in on this season.

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