Bell Not Nearly Loud Enough

After struggling for generations with a bell that just wasn’t loud enough to signal a transition of classes, last week Rockhurst switched to a more powerful, masculine bell.

“I think the new bell is definitely more in line with the mission of our school,” Smicole Nith said. “For me, Rockhurst is all about overpowering others, and now we can officially claim the title of loudest school bell in the KCMO metropolitan area.”

Many students were completely lost under the old intercom system. “I never thought the bell was loud enough,” Cralex Ayon said. “If they hadn’t turned the volume of that old thing up to deafening then I probably would have sat through an entire day in my first hour classroom.”

Under the ancient system, several students did just that. “I’m glad they improved the bell,” Mack JcCarthy said. “I was always really confused when other students would try to come into my classes and take my seat.”

Many Rockhurst alumni also approved of the change. “Personally I hated the repetitiveness of sitting through the same lecture 7 times in a row,” said Rockhurst alum Frack Janke. “It’s good to see they’re improving the school for future generations.”

Innovation has become a Rockhurst staple, and we here at the Prep News are very excited to see what the future has in store for its students.

Only one student in the entire school was opposed to the new bell. Senior Punter Harsons said that he never had hearing problems until after the louder bell was introduced. “What’s next, screaming teachers? Oh my god, what are they going to do to the fire alarm?”

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