Chronicle of Rockhurst Wrecks

One of the most hectic times for Rockhurst students who drive is entering and leaving the school parking lot. With hundreds of high schoolers who only have a few years of driving experience under their belts, accidents are bound to happen.

Juniors Zach Burke and Tommy Mitchell along with Senior Bernie O’Boyle have fallen victim to the chaos in the Rockhurst parking lot.

“Jake Jester gives me a ride to school every morning and he drives a van so he always had trouble pulling into his small parking spot. When we got to Rockhurst there was already cars parked on the right and left side of Jake’s spot, so when he pulled in he scraped the car to the right of him,” said Burke.

Bernie O’Boyle got into a serious accident in the parking lot during last school year. “I pulled into my spot, just like any other day, when chaos struck: my foot slipped to the gas and I floored it over the edge. I hit my head on my steering wheel, and my passenger Jake Jester lurched forward. My door was stuck, so Jake quickly got out of the car and pulled me out with him. He very well may have saved my life, as the car was only held from sliding down the steep drop by a small tree and my back right tire. I was in shock shortly after, as the gash on my right eye was bleeding profusely. All in all, a traumatic day but there was no damage to my vehicle” said O’Boyle.

Tommy Mitchell’s wreck in the parking lot was not as serious as O’Boyle’s but Mitchell never used his parking spot again after his wreck. “I was pulling into school and it was 7:30 so there was a lot of cars trying to get to their parking spot. It was pretty chaotic and when I tried to pull into my spot I accidentally clipped the guy parked next to me. I get to school earlier now so I don’t have to deal with all the other students in the parking lot” Mitchell said.

Getting to school earlier is a way to avoid other cars in the parking lot. Both Jester and Mitchell intentionally get to school early now so they don’t have to deal with all the students. Mitchell also traded parking spots with a student whose smaller car would have an easier time pulling into Mitchell’s very small parking spot. Zach Burke, Bernie O’Boyle, and Tommy Mitchell hope that the parking lot can become a safer place for the student drivers.

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