Stylish Students

At Rockhurst we have the privilege of a very relaxed dress code. While, some students wear the same combination of khakis, blue polo, and tennis shoes, express themselves fashionably as individuals. With the new addition of sneakers to the dress code, this also gives students an opportunity to show off their shoe collection.

Joe Torres, senior, said, “I usually go for a more casual look and I like to wear shirts with interesting prints or textures. I try to keep it understated, yet, different. Oh, and I always have a strong sock game.”

Although some people do not care either way if they can wear sneakers to school with pants or not, others feel it adds a new sense of comfort and style to our uniform.

Torres continued, “I think the school allowing tennis shoes to be worn year around is a good idea.Tennis shoes are more comfortable and just more enjoyable to wear. I think it also allows for people to be more creative with their attire at school, which I like.”

While Patrick Wang, likes sneakers for the comfort, he can see why they could be a problem.

“It is good because people get to wear tennis shoes and tennis shoes are a lot more comfortable. It could be a bad idea, because it looks really bad when people wear school pants with normal tennis shoes.”

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