Pause, Prayer and Praise

Last Wednesday, the school community gathered for  Ash Wednesday mass. This mass is a reminder that God made us from dust, and one day we will return to dust. What we buy or possess right now will, one day, be gone. Throughout these upcoming weeks, God asks we take time out of our busy lives to reflect on his presence in our life.

“I’ve had very meaningful Lent and Easter seasons, and I really have a desire for our students to share in that.”

Mr. Matt Nickson said. “The hope we live in is the hope of the Resurrection, and that’s what makes our faith unique.”

When deciding what one wants to give up, it is important to make a goal. A goal could be anything from spending more time with family to having gratitude for one’s friends and teachers in his or her life.

“It is a time for us to see where God is in our life, how far we are from him, where we want to be with him, and preparing ourselves to get to that place,” Mr Nickson continued.

“Lent is not suppose to be a time of dark and gloom, it is a time of cleaning up our lives to prepare for Easter.”

Fr. Vincent Giacabazi, SJ, said. “Personal sacrifices in Lent are good, insofar as they lead a person to deeper relation with God. We cannot bribe God with any personal sacrifice to receive greater merit or grace. Christ conquered sin and death once and for all on the cross, and our personal sacrifices ought to draw us closer to his ultimate sacrifice.”

We are not perfect, and it’s important that we are able to take time out of our day and ask for God’s forgiveness. Lent is a gift because the church says it is going to give us the resources to ask: Where I have fallen short with God? Where do I want to be with God? Finally, how we can be the “Marys” at the open tomb, rejoicing at the tomb – which should be our Goal.

“As I have become more invested in Lent, there is a joy I feel at the Resurrection. A great feeling of hope, of something I want to feel one day,” Said Mr. Nickson.

Some students have but special consideration into their decision to give up something. “I decided to give up Netflix,”

Cole Sirokman, Junior, said. “I felt like I spent too much time on it, and more time on schoolwork and reflection.”

“I see people give up material objects, but they have trouble seeing God in their life. They do not have a focus, or a reason why they are giving something up. Lent comes around, and they begin to brainstorm easy things in their life to give up,” Jay Sarson, Junior, said.

“I’m trying to not be on my phone around my family,” Daniel Hammond, sophomore, said. “I want to be present when I’m with them; I want me to know they are special to me.”


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