A Super Bowl to Remember

This past year was filled with amazing championship runs and games, and there was no better way to cap it off than a 25 point comeback by the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams squared off on Sunday.

Prior to the game, the Patriots were the favored team because they were under the leadership of quite possibly the best coach-quarterback duo ever. The Brady and Belichick reign is one of the greatest to ever do it, recording seven Super Bowl appearances and winning five of them.

On the other hand, the Falcons were the complete opposite. The organization had only been to one Super Bowl prior to this one, and that was in 1999 when they lost to the Denver Broncos. Head Coach Dan Quinn seemed to have the most experience in the organization as he was the Seahawks Defensive Coordinator when they won Super Bowl XLVIII.

Both offenses had the capability of scoring a lot, so it was understood that defense was going to be the key to winning this game.  

As the game started, the Patriots’ high-powered offense seemed to be getting off to a slow start, while the Falcon’s defense looked red-hot. At the end of the first quarter, the game was scoreless.

The Falcons started to click in the second quarter, scoring twenty-one points to the Patriots’ three points.

At the end of the third quarter, the Falcons led the Patriots 28-9, and things seemed out of reach for Brady and his team.

That was not the case. Brady and the Patriots came out firing in the fourth, scoring nineteen unanswered points sending the game into the first overtime in Super Bowl history. The Patriots had to score twice and convert both two point conversions to get back in the game, which seemed out of reach for them going into the fourth quarter.

Probably the most exciting part besides Brady’s performance during this game was watching the Patriots’ relentless receivers. They had some struggles early in the game (dropping some key passes ), but when it came down to the wire they made some crucial plays, including Edelman’s absurd catch that could go down as one of the best catches in the history of football.

The Patriots forced this game into overtime, and they won the toss which is a huge advantage in the NFL. In the NFL, the first one to score a touchdown wins the game. The Patriots took the ball down the field and scored, and just like that the game was over.

The Patriots put on one of the best comebacks in Super Bowl history, and the Brady/Belichick era continued to thrive two Sundays ago. Brady has now surpassed Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl wins ever by a single quarterback, with five.

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