Mission Week at Rockhurst

It’s that time of year again boys! Bust out your wallets and “give until it hurts.” For those of you who don’t know what Mission Week is, it consists of a week long competition where each class of students raises as much money as possible for their individual charity. The Student Government Association (SGA) tries to make it as fun as possible with various games and activities throughout the week.

This year’s mission week activities include: penny wars, teachers vs. students basketball, minute-to-win-it challenges and the annual prayer service that takes place in the middle of every mission week to remind us what this week is all about: serving those who are less fortunate.

The charities that each class is donating to at the end of the week are as follows: Freshman, Loyola Academy in St. Louis; Sophomores, Aid for Africa; Juniors, Intsikelelo; Seniors, Heart to Heart International. The financial goals for each class is as follows: Freshmen, $14,000; Sophomores, $12,000; Juniors, $15,000; Seniors, $16,000.

The week will conclude with the infamous board game, where students dress up as game pieces and roll a gigantic die. For a grade to be able to participate in the board game, they have to have raised a certain amount of money from the weekly donations. Along the board game path there are competitions like the tug of war, “gumby” wrestling (kids over 6’2”and under 170 pounds), arm wrestling, Super Smash Bros and many more activities. The grade that wins the board game earns a day off from school in the Spring.

Mr. Billy Linscott was asked to “weigh in” on the predicted rankings after the board game.

“The seniors will get first for sure. With everyone else, it’s hard to tell. I see a lot of enthusiasm from each of the other grades.”

He recalls his own Mission Week as a student at Rockhurst.

“My favorite memory of Mission Week was the die rolling. When I was a student here, we had this massive die that was so big you needed 4 linemen sized guys just to roll it. It was the funniest thing to watch.”

It is vital that we remember what this week is all about. Yes, we get to miss class and dress down. Howeverthe true purpose of this week is to help those in need.

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