Guest Writer: Conspiracy Corner 2

Guys, I’m sorry to say it, but the world is in shambles. The EU is crumbling, China is pulling islands out of the ocean left and right, and the UN is clearly trying to fulfill some kind of Satanic prophecy. From where I’m sitting, there’s only one man standing against this (besides Vlad Putin): ThatContinue reading “Guest Writer: Conspiracy Corner 2”

Humans of Rockhurst High: Damon Ross

“I want to be a doctor because I broke my leg the beginning of football season and I learned a lot of things about the medical field from the experience. I started taking physiology this year, and it’s really interesting. I started thinking maybe I could do this for a living. My parents have beenContinue reading “Humans of Rockhurst High: Damon Ross”

Mission Week at Rockhurst

It’s that time of year again boys! Bust out your wallets and “give until it hurts.” For those of you who don’t know what Mission Week is, it consists of a week long competition where each class of students raises as much money as possible for their individual charity. The Student Government Association (SGA) tries toContinue reading “Mission Week at Rockhurst”