Free Period Complaints

At the beginning of the school year Rockhurst began to assign students free periods. This decision has given rise to some students’ complaints about the free periods not actually being “free.”

The free periods promise students the ability to go to designated spots around Rockhurst to either speak among friends, do homework, or even play video games on their IPads. Regardless, certain students are very upset with the amount of restrictions that have accompanied these free periods.

“With the restrictions that have come with free periods, students like me really don’t feel like they have the freedom that we were promised would come with free periods,” said Junior Connor Taggart. “Wherever I go there is always a teacher there watching me and my friends and making sure to shush us if the volume even slightly increases.”

While students do have concerns about the an overwhelming presence of teachers during their free periods, teachers also face similar problems with the large student population that flows all across the school during free periods.

“Students have designated areas to talk to their friends like the Barry Commons or the Pesci Atrium. When they talk in the hallways or talk in places where they should be studying it disturbs and distracts my class,” said Teacher Nicholas Blair.

Admittedly, students are given designated studying areas and also locations where they can converse with friends during their free periods. Some students have had no issue with the teacher presence during their own free periods.

“I usually just study in the designated studying areas and if I want to talk to friends I will just go to a place like the Barry commons,” said Connor Taggart. “I hope that students and teachers can find a common peace during the students free periods.”

It is yet to be seen what the long term effects that increased teacher presence will have on the Rockhurst student body during these free periods. Nevertheless, students and teachers will have to continue to work together to realize the greatest amount of benefit from these free periods.

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