Free Period Complaints

At the beginning of the school year Rockhurst began to assign students free periods. This decision has given rise to some students’ complaints about the free periods not actually being “free.” The free periods promise students the ability to go to designated spots around Rockhurst to either speak among friends, do homework, or even playContinue reading “Free Period Complaints”

Winter Sports Update

Basketball: Over winter break, the Hawklet basketball team continued their season going 2-2 with wins against Smithville and Lincoln Prep and losses to Oak Park and Blue Valley. This brings the Hawklets’ record to 7-6 on the season. Recently, the basketball team traveled to Highland High School in Highland, Illinois, where the Hawklets took careContinue reading “Winter Sports Update”

Dear Paul: Column #1

Joshua O’Dell’s exemplary column returns once again. However, I recently took over the column (temporarily) while Joshua is busy saving the world. Enjoy! Q: How do I win an argument? A: Call your opponent any of the following things: Racist, Bigot, Sexist, Homophobic, or Elitist. That should do the trick. Q: If I wear Vineyard VinesContinue reading “Dear Paul: Column #1”

Tweets and the President-elect

While, the recent election has incited a number of different emotions. President-Elect Trump has taken to twitter many times to let the people know what is on his mind; however, many find these tweets questionable from a Presidential candidate. President-elect Trump has 19.5 million followers on twitter. This makes him the 70th most followed personContinue reading “Tweets and the President-elect”