The Junior Class Gets a Closer Glimpse at the College Application Process

As the fall semester comes to a close, juniors are beginning the first steps of the college search process.

The College Counseling Office, held mandatory seminars for all juniors December 7-9. These seminars covered topics such as ACT/SAT requirements, the transcript release process and how students should use Naviance.

“There were three goals of the seminars. First, to reintroduce students to naviance. The next goal was to get students to complete important paperwork and surveys. Lastly, to give a time frame for what will be happening in spring of junior year,” Mr. Rich Sullivan, college counselor and history teacher said.

Naviance is the website the Counseling Department uses to organize things, such as letters of recommendation and college essays. Mr. Sullivan explained that the college process is very unique for each individual, because of the wide variety of student needs. He also emphasized the importance of starting to look at colleges now rather than later. By this time next year, the majority of the Class of 2018 will have already completed the college application process. Additionally, many students will have already chosen which college they will attend.

“I have been on a couple of college visits already with my brother. We went to Marquette, Loyola Chicago and DePaul,” Oliver Oxler, junior said.

“At first, I was only looking at Kansas and Mizzou but when junior year came, I opened my mind to other colleges like Loyola Chicago, Creighton and many others,” Flynn said. “My college process flew by. Then, I began to have meetings with my college counselor, and I visited a few of the schools I was looking at and finally chose KU and applied.”

According to Flynn, he started the process after the college fair sophomore year.

Junior Drake Rebman, can attest to this after watching his older brother Blaise go through a similar process.

Since my brother has already gone through the whole college selection process, and I’ve been along for the ride, the junior seminar didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. However, I must say that the seminar was very comprehensive and presumably useful for anyone who hasn’t been forced to think about colleges until now.”

“ Students can always be looking at colleges, but we encourage students to start visiting colleges around the middle of their junior year,” said Mr. Sullivan when asked how early students should start visiting colleges.

“I think it’s important to start looking early, especially as a junior. I also think people should wait until senior year to decide in order to take all options into consideration,” Oxler continued.

“The other reason it’s important to start thinking about colleges early is because colleges look at your whole transcript. If you want to get into a selective school but you slacked off freshman year because you weren’t thinking about applying to college, that is going to negatively impact your chances of getting into that school,“ Rebman said.

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