Soccer Players compete on National Stage

On December 3rd, seniors Gianni Catenacci and Matthew Smith played in the High School All-American soccer game in Raleigh, North Carolina. Only forty high school seniors across the entire United States were chosen to participate in this prestigious event after finishing off their high school careers in the fall.

“It was quite an honor to play in the All-American game. Knowing that people think of me as a player of this caliber is really a blessing and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.” Catenacci said.

Smith and Catenacci followed in the footsteps of past soccer Hawklets such as Robert Dewitt III in 2014 and Kyle McLagan in 2013.

“During this season, one of my main goals was to achieve this honor. Every game and every practice I would try my absolute best to become a better player and increase my chances of being apart of this game.” said Catenacci.

In the past, many Rockhurst soccer players have continued their athletic careers in college.

“I am looking at playing soccer in college.” Catenacci said. “Although I am not 100% sure, I am looking at all my options.”

After representing Rockhurst in the match, Catenacci was named to the All-American team and Smith to the All-Regional team.

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