Chiefs defeat rival Raiders on Thursday Night Football

Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs once again proved themselves to the world by beating the Oakland Raiders. Prior to this win, the Chiefs were recognized as a good team, but were said to not have a good enough offense to beat the former division leading Raiders.

Going into the game, the goal was to gain control of the AFC West. The Chiefs hold the tiebreaker with Oakland and hold wins against both San Diego and Denver.

Nothing was more fulfilling than seeing the game Tyreek Hill had last night. Hill caught a 36 yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith, and nothing was more instantaneous than his 78 yard punt return in the second quarter. Tight end Travis Kelce racked up 101 yards with five receptions, which marks his fourth straight game with 100+ receiving yards. Simply put, the offense showed out last night, especially in the passing game, which is usually not their strength.

On the defensive side, the Chiefs have been amazing but also very consistent throughout the season. They held the Raiders high-powered passing offense to just 109 yards. The stat that stood out the most was the Raiders being 5 for 18 on third down. Third down conversions seemed to be tough last night for the Raiders as the Chiefs kept stopping in their territory.

The Kansas City Chiefs are now 10-3 on the year, but are heading into a tough stretch with games against the Broncos and the Chargers.

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