Humans of Rockhurst: Debut Edition

Read the debut edition of “Humans of Rockhurst High” by Josh O’Dell, Managing Editor of the Prep News. Josh plans on using this column to highlight the uniqueness in our student body, a diversity of opinions, and our students’ struggles.

Damien Cortesimg_3398

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up because I feel like I could help a lot of people. I don’t know what kind, just that I want to do something in the field of medicine. I was nine years old when my mother died from an unknown sickness. Her death doesn’t really bother me much anymore, but from time to time it’ll pop up in my head. Her death is one reason I really want to go into medicine. I want to make her proud, because I can’t show her how I’m doing now but I know she knows that I’m doing well. I just want to satisfy her wants for me. The hardest part about my life is probably knowing that I can do better to help myself and others but falling short of that. People think that my dad leaving when I was three and my mom dying when I was nine would be the hardest part about my life, but it’s much harder to feel like I’m not making my mom proud. That’s what disturbs me most. My mom’s brother decided to raise me the way that my mom would want. He’s the only direct line I have to her, so if I make him proud I know I’m making her proud. Honestly for the most part my life is pretty simple besides that.”

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