ORF: Check out these weird news headlines

Man makes gruesome discovery after finding 40 dead cats ‘stacked’ in freezers he won in auction


Cloudspotter films ‘angel’ in the sky as people brand it ‘a gift from God’


Smelling bad odors which don’t exist is a serious sign you should visit the doctor immediately


US student dressed as creepy clown is BLOWN UP after being chased into jungle filled with landmines


Woman swallows a whole slab of butter in ONE GO as she performs gag-worthy party trick for pals


What happens if a human drinks 5 liters of undiluted blackcurrant squash?


Man remodels his house and uncovers mysterious suitcase – what’s inside has him celebrating


British Army sends ‘racist’ tweet – and people are seriously angry


Footage shows ‘mutant’ pig with two snouts and three eyes born in China


Man trapped in cage with Great White Shark says he feels ‘reborn’ – and thinks the killers are ‘cute’

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