Chiefs bounce back against Oakland

The Kansas City Chiefs played two very different games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders. After the Steelers game, it seemed as if the Chiefs were headed on a downward slope, but the Raiders game seemingly restored hope.

Against the Steelers, the defense seemed to be the biggest problem for Kansas City, especially the defensive backs. The outstanding receiving core for Pittsburgh netted five touchdowns during the game, while the running back core only netted one.

The Chiefs offense looked quite slow throughout the game, going scoreless for the first 3 quarters and scoring just fourteen points. Alex Smith completed 30 of his 50 attempts for 287 yards with 2 touchdowns and an interception. Spencer Ware only rushed for 82 yards with 13 carries.

Seemingly opposite to the Pittsburgh game, the bye week appeared to have paid off for the Chiefs as they surged to beat their divisional rival, the Oakland Raiders.

The Chiefs outgained the Raiders in total yards by 121 while having the same amount of drives. Smith went 19 for 22 with 224 yards while targeting 10 different players. Ware rushed for 131 yards with 1 touchdown, and Jamaal Charles had 9 carries for 33 yards.

The defense stepped up big time by only allowing ten points in the entire game and zero in the second half. The defense had two sacks, an interception and a fumble recovery. The statistic that stands out the most is how Kansas City out rushed the Raiders 183 to 64.

Despite the weak performance against the Steelers, the Chiefs looked very strong and promising against the Raiders.

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