Students share stories of college visits

During the latter parts of one’s time at Rockhurst High School, the amount of responsibility undertaken increases drastically. With growing concerns about grades and college, it can be difficult to keep track of these obligations. However, many students at Rockhurst are taking advantage of college visits in order to learn about information seldom found in a college brochure.

“A mission statement, a median graduate salary, and an average SAT score can tell you many things, but whether or not you will be comfortable in that school and its environment is not one of them,” Maguire Radosevic, senior, said.

College visits provide students with an opportunity to gain a feel for a particular college or university, without making any decisions or commitments. These opportunities allow students to broaden their horizons and learn more about colleges that pique their interest.

In a survey conducted by the Prep News Online staff, students were asked how campus visits have affected their college search process. A majority of respondents provided advice on how students can utilize their visit in order to learn more about the intricacies of college life.

“Take tours and stay with someone who live on campus so you can get a feel for actual college life and know everything you need to know about that college,” Joseph Green, senior, said.

Other students had more nuanced advice on how one could take advantage of their college visits.

“Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to do the same thing every time,” Drake Rebman, junior, said.

College visits can be one of the most exciting parts of the college application process. While college may seem far away to some students, it is never too early to prepare for life after Rockhurst.

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