Shadow program offers glimpse into Rockhurst for grade school students

The shadow program has been around since the early 1990’s and allows freshman students to take a seventh or eighth grade student on a tour of Rockhurst High School.

“The admissions office is getting to a point where we are getting about a little over four hundred shadows each year,” Mrs. Tara Hall, Assistant Admissions Director, said.

According to Mrs. Hall,the Shadow Program has really become the most important deciding factor for boys when deciding to go to high school.

Besides the shadow program, the admissions office visits grade schools and has information about visits on the school website.

“We talk to the students and their parents, and we tell them to come for a shadow visit, but also to visit different schools to make a well informed decision,” Mrs. Hall said.

Shadowing has earned a very good reputation for the different types of experiences given by the students and received by the actual student shadowing.

“It felt good to show another kid around Rockhurst. I felt like I was contributing to a very valuable tradition at Rockhurst. It was a good day, and I felt like my shadow and I got a lot out of it,” freshman Steven Burdge said.

There a couple of very interesting experiences that the student and visitor will never forget.

“I enjoyed being an ambassador,” freshman Thomas Kirby said. “Based on our conversations and his reactions to everything, I feel like he learned some things from me, which I was happy with since that was my job.”

According to Kirby, breaking the ice with someone that quickly was somewhat challenging and awkward, but the day turned out great.

Kirby mentioned that having a shadow in class made paying attention to class much more difficult, because he was thinking too much about things he needed to explain to his shadow.

“I  probably wouldn’t continue to be an ambassador if this was the case every time, but I would assume that it becomes less of a task the more times you do it,” Kirby said.

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