Braveheart football game is different for freshmen and seniors


Football games at Rockhurst are a big deal, to say the least. Students, alumni, friends and family come together to cheer the Hawklets to victory. Every game at Dasta Stadium is a source of excitement, but year after year, one game always reigns supreme: the Braveheart game. For freshmen, the game represents one of their first experiences as members of Rock Nation. For seniors, it is one of their last chances to share in the pandemonium.

The first Braveheart game is an iconic moment for any Rockhurst freshman.

“It was crazy, with everyone painted up and super excited,” said freshman Ray Hamilton. “It was a great experience, especially against East.”

One of the most memorable moments for any freshman is the walkdown, as they experience the energy of the Rockhurst student body charging into the stadium, before cheering the Hawklets onto victory from the student section.

“It was amazing, running with everybody across the fields and into the stadium, and then watching the great victory,” said Hamilton. “It definitely lived up to, if not exceeded, my expectations.”

While the freshmen struggled to see the game and follow the chants from the back row, the seniors in the front row soaked in their final Braveheart game.

“It was definitely bittersweet, as it was one of the last times I would get to stand there and cheer with my Rockhurst brothers,” senior Ian Jones said.

The seniors’ final Braveheart game was an exciting affair, a 26-20 victory over Shawnee Mission East.

“The game was very fast paced and loud. I never had a chance to catch my breath, and couldn’t hear the guys right next to me. While it’s sad to see my days in the student section end, this was definitely the game I want as one of my last,” Jones said.

At Rockhurst, Braveheart is more than just a theme for a football game. It is a chance for the Rockhurst student body to stand, some for the first time and some for the last.

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