Regis Club hosts first event of the year at annual Kansas City Irish Fest

Regis Club held their first event of the year on September 4. The club brought a group of Rockhurst juniors to recycle and pick up trash at the Irish Fest. The day began early sunday morning, with all the club members arriving not knowing what to expect.

“I thought it would be a fun way to kick off the year,” Mr. Chris Elmore, club moderator, said. “The shift was five hours, and they had already planned everything out for us.”

“I originally did it because Mr. Elmore encouraged me to do it.” junior member David Edmonds said. “But if I knew I would enjoy it so much, I would have signed up anyway.”

Edmonds also enjoyed representing Rockhurst. “It was cool to be involved in a service activity outside of Rockhurst; it felt different, and I had a lot of pride representing our class,” Edmonds said. The expected attendance at the Irish Fest reached over 100,000 people, making it one of the largest Irish Festivals in the country.

“I was impressed with how much the students was enjoying the service. As the day went on, it felt as if the other volunteers were feeding on our enjoyment,” Taggart said.

The students broke up in groups of two and recycled and picked up trash for separate areas of the event. The shift was in the morning, so the trash hadn’t piled up yet. That, combined with the mild weather, combined for a relaxing yet meaningful day.

“It was a job that needed to get done,” Mr. Elmore said. “You could tell the woman who reached out to me about the opportunity was really into recycling. It was impressive to see her organize something that may have been ignored if not for all that extra effort.”

That “extra effort” is exactly what the Regis club is all about. The club goes to the Shalom House every month, and holds toy drives every year, but would like to include more events, such as the Irish Fest, in the community more often.

Regis Club meets in room 219 during activity periods and will have a booth at the club fair.img_3050img_3049img_3048

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