33 Fun Facts about 1982, the last time Rockhurst played Shawnee Mission East in football

The varsity football team hosts Shawnee Mission East tomorrow in the first matchup between the two teams in 34 years.

When 34 years pass, things obviously change. Whether it’s technological or architectural, most things are different than they were in 1982, the last time Rockhurst faced Shawnee Mission East in football. So that begs the question: what was going on in the world and at Rockhurst the last time we played East in football?

  1. A lot of our teachers were not even born yet. Teachers such as Mr. Tim Nendick and Mr. Patrick Doyle were members of Rockhurst’s Class of 2008, 26 years after the final Rockhurst vs. East football encounter.
  2. Rockhurst had only won 2 football state titles as opposed to the 9 championship banners now hanging in the performance gym.
  3. Coach Tony Severino had just won a Kansas 6A state title at Shawnee Mission Northwest before coming to Rockhurst the next year (1983). Rockhurst played Coach Sev’s Shawnee Mission Northwest team the year before (1981).
  4. Mr. Laurence Freeman of the Class of 1982 was a senior at Rockhurst.
  5. Mr. Greg Harkness, principal, would have been a sophomore in college as he graduated from Rockhurst in 1981.
  6. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album was released this year.
  7. Minimum wage was $3.35.
  8. Rocky III starring Sylvester Stallone had just come out, featuring one of the most popular songs of all time, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, which had also just been released in 1982.
  9. The term “men for others” did not yet exist in 1982. It was coined by Reverend Pedro Arrupe, SJ, Superior General of the Jesuits in 1983.
  10. 1982 was the 10 year anniversary of the Senior Service Program. The projects used to last the entire month of January.
  11. The varsity sports were football, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field and wrestling. There was no lacrosse team and no swim and dive team.
  12. While students had the Club Fair today, Rockhurst did not always have so many different student led clubs. In 1982, the only organized clubs were for bicycling, chess and photography.
  13. Intramural sports did not yet exist at Rockhurst.
  14. There was no Barry Commons. According to Mr. Freeman, the area was known as the “quadrangle,” and was outside. The current Pesci Atrium, Chapel and administrative offices did not exist. At the time, it was the school’s front lawn.
  15. The space where the Faculty Studio is now used to be the Chapel of the Sacred Heart.
  16. There was a smoking lounge, but it was no longer in use. Students had three pool tables in the lounge.
  17. There was a Homecoming Queen, parade and floats.
  18. There were Jesuits living in what is now Xavier Hall. One of the priests in residence was Reverend Edward Manhart, SJ, who lived to become the oldest Jesuit in the world, until his death at age 103 in 2001.
  19. Mr. Eric Berg and Señor Rick Staihr are the only faculty members still at Rockhurst who were on staff in 1982.
  20. Tuition was $1,600 in the 1982-1983 school year.
  21. While there was not a baseball field on campus, there were tennis courts.
  22. The performance gym was the only gym at the school, but as 2016 Alumnus of the Year Mr. Michael Brown said during his Homecoming speech, it looked completely different.
  23. There was no Rose Theatre, Quarry or Loyola Center.
  24. Dasta Stadium’s home stands were on the south side of the complex, and the visitor stands on the north side were much smaller, holding maybe 250 fans.
  25. There was no cell tower in the parking lot since there were no cell phones yet.
  26. Students would take typing classes; however, these classes would not be on computers. The students would use manual typewriters.
  27. While today’s choir is one of the biggest programs at Rockhurst, it was not always this way. In 1982, the choir, composed of four students and one faculty member, sang at Mass only. There were no concerts or summer trips; rather, it was a very simple task: sing at Mass.
  28. There was no air conditioning in the building.
  29. Shorts were not allowed. Pants were the only apparel allowed for school.
  30. The Rock Shop was not around as the only approved Rockhurst apparel was shorts and a white t-shirt for physical education classes, and dark blue sweatshirts, pants and letter jackets for during the school day.
  31. Something that this generation might not even think about during the day is the backpack. According to Mr. Freeman, there were no backpacks around Rockhurst in 1982 as the current style used most commonly today didn’t come out until the later 1980s. Students carried their books (yes, they had books in 1982.)
  32. The senior class motto was “82 Can Do!” “To this day, at reunions or even in casual or business conversations, our classmates always come up to each other, and even before saying “hello,” they say, “82 Can Do!” Mr. Freeman said.
  33. In 1982, Rockhurst defeated Shawnee Mission East in their final encounter of the twentieth century.

Special thanks to Mr. Laurence Freeman ’82 for his help with compiling this list.

2 thoughts on “33 Fun Facts about 1982, the last time Rockhurst played Shawnee Mission East in football

  1. I thought that slogan “men for others” was around when we were there in 1982, but maybe I have just seen and heard it so many times since then its been drilled into my memory. I still have my typing book, and its on display in my living room standing upright like they were placed when being used. It’s an interesting conversation piece. It definitely looks like an artifact now and makes me feel really old!

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