Red Friday allows students to wear red and give back to local communities

Last Friday, the halls of Rockhurst were seas of red. It was Red Friday, and the students at 9301 State Line Road were celebrating the return of Chiefs football with the rest of Kansas City. However, for Rockhurst, it was more than just a day of excitement. It was a day to help the less fortunate in the community.

Rockhurst was one of 25 locations that took part in Ronald McDonald’s Red Friday initiative. Students were allowed to wear their Chiefs gear in exchange for a $2 donation to the Ronald McDonald House, which helps families stay near their children while receiving medical treatment.

“We wanted something that students could have fun with, but also raise awareness and support a cause,” Mr. Billy Linscott, SGA moderator, said.

The fundraising event was not just about Rockhurst helping those in need, however. It was about joining the city in helping those in need.

“Rockhurst is definitely a school for Kansas City, and a school active in the community,” Mr. Linscott said. “Our student body comes from all backgrounds from all parts of Kansas City, so it’s a great opportunity to be a part of an initiative that reflects that.”

As Kansas City burns with jubilation after the Chiefs’ triumphant comeback victory on Sunday, Red Friday at Rockhurst showed that pride can run deeper than football, to better a community.

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