Homecoming: How to Prepare for a Night to Remember

This story was a collaboration written by Declan Shea, Clayton Anderson and Kirk Whalen.

As Homecoming approaches, the thought on most high schooler’s minds is, “Where will my group and I have the after party? Where will my group eat? Where will we take pictures? Who am I going to take?” As most Rockhurst students get excited for Homecoming, some are left wondering if it’s even worth the 25 dollar ticket and the inevitably expensive dinner.

Without fail every year, finding a place to host the after party is a great struggle. The after party, which is a lot of students’ favorite part of homecoming, is by far the hardest part of the night to plan. No one ever wants it at their house, and most parents aren’t willing to host 20+ teenagers from 11 PM at night until 2 AM or later. The only real solution to this issue is to convince parents to have the party at their house. Alternatives, such as making the group smaller, could very well work.

Another very important part of Homecoming is the traditional dinner among the group before the dance. Though the dinner can be expensive, it is an essential part of the night. Thankfully though, the Kansas City metro area is home to many great restaurants. One of these is the Italian restaurant Garozzo’s. Garozzo’s, which is located on 526 Harrison Street, is a very well received Italian restaurant that even has a special food menu for high school dances. Another great spot for Kansas City restaurants is the Country Club Plaza. The Country Club Plaza is known as an outdoor shopping center, but is also a great spot for pre-dance meals. Many dance-goers have already begun to set reservations at both of these venues, so planning early would be wise.

Once plans for dinner and pictures are finalized, it is important to figure out transportation. One of the most popular transportation methods is to carpool or drive yourself. However, this can result in problems if people in the group cannot drive or do not have a car. A frequent alternative to this problem is to rent out a party bus. The party bus usually comes with a plethora of advantages, including a premium sound system, room for the entire group and comfortable seating for a long drive. The last and most valuable aspect of the party bus is its ability to efficiently transport everyone in your group with little to no stress.

Lastly, with the after party finally in sight you may need a theme. Some of the most common themes range from risky business to beach party; get creative with your themes. It’s always important to have decorations or set outfit guidelines. That will ensure the night is not only unforgettable, but will also look great in pictures. Don’t forget one of the most important parts of the after party, though. Food and drinks are essential to having a banger after party. We recommend pizza, your favorite chips and sodas. With all that under control, you are ready for a night to remember!

Picture of the crowded Barry Commons from Rockhurst Homecoming

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