Chiefs start season with biggest comeback in franchise history

Despite a slow start and two key players sitting out, the Chiefs were still able to pull out a win. A strong offensive effort in the second half led to the largest comeback in the franchise’s history.

Even though star running back Jamaal Charles sat out, the running back core stayed strong. Spencer Ware had 11 carries for 70 yards, including a touchdown. Besides that, the running game was quiet. On the other hand, the passing game was something Kansas City fans have been waiting for for a long time. Alex Smith, in the passing game, went 34 for 48 with 363 yards and and two touchdowns. His favorite targets were similar to his favorites last year including Spencer Ware, Travis Kelce and Jeremy Maclin.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Chiefs did not look like what most fans expected them to look like. They didn’t do amazing, but they didn’t do awful. In the first half, the defense allowed 21 points, but then stepped up in the second to only allow 6 points. In the second half, the Chiefs defense looked very strong by getting stop after stop. The defensive effort in the second half allowed the offense to open up and score 24 points.

In overtime, the Chiefs won the toss and took the ball. Throughout overtime, the Chiefs were very efficient, completing pass after pass. Travis Kelce stepped up big with a few big catches, leading the Chiefs into the red zone. The Chiefs ran an option play at the end, and Alex Smith took the ball into the endzone, securing a Chiefs victory.

Student wears Chiefs jersey for Red Friday.

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