Faculty members share insight on their fantasy football leagues

It’s Fantasy Football season once again! Many of the students have already drafted, creating a buzz throughout the hallways. Little do students know that several faculty members participate in leagues of their own.

The  graph represents the survey responses of the teachers.

For example, Mr. Max Magee, Service Director, partakes in four total fantasy football leagues. Most recently he went to Nashville, Tennessee for his friend league’s draft. He went to Nashville because the winner of the previous year gets to choose where they go for their next draft. Mr. Magee has been to Los Angeles, St. Louis and stayed in Kansas City just to draft his fantasy football team.

Another group of faculty members that is very involved in the game of fantasy football are the members of the “Grab a Rag,” league. The commissioner of the league is Mr. Bert Roney, Modern and Classical Language Chair. The league also consists of members such as Mr. John Morris, Mr. Paul Beirne, Mr. Jay Burns, Mr. Stephen Kuehner,  Mr. Nick Vaughn, Mr. Billy Linscott, Mr. Kevin McGill, Mr. Michael Day and Mr. Stephen Charbonneau. This league has been going on for about three years and was created during the lunch hours.

“Bragging rights come into play during the fantasy football season, sometimes even putting in a small sum of money just to keep everyone interested,” Mr. Roney said.

Many faculty members also partake in some very unusual pre-drafting rituals and some have developed different methods of researching their picks.

For instance, Mr. Mark Bayhylle, Academic Technology Coordinator, starts out with a deep meditation, then moves on to drinking lots and lots of coffee. Next, he makes sure that he has 10 razor sharp pencils, 10 college ruled spiral notebooks and an abacus, which is an old calculator. Lastly, every year he puts on his navy blue, double breasted sports coat and Mel Kiper (expert ESPN analyst) wig.

On the other hand, Mr. Daniel Shaver, math teacher, takes a rather simple approach when drafting. He downloads cheat sheets from various sites and researches the most interesting football players names, while avoiding anything Patriots.

The survey showed a 50/50 split between if they play with fellow faculty members.

Mr. Joseph Leroy, chair of the math department, does not prepare for his draft. He drafts the players that he feels are necessary to make his team the best it can be.

There are many favorite players when it comes to the faculty members and who they would draft.

“I generally choose the highest ranked player available,” Mrs. Ashlea Christopher, Theater teacher, said. “It’s usually a running back, but I would also pick a wide receiver or Gronk.”

Mr. Rich Sullivan, Assistant Director of College Counseling and Mr. Greg Buckman, Assistant Athletic Director, would draft a wide receiver, which would most likely be Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the other hand, Mr. Tim Reidy, history teacher, would take a quarterback. Like Mr. Reidy, Mr. McGill would also choose a quarterback, most likely Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick from the New York Jets, which led him to the fantasy title last year!

Mr. Andrew Wilson, physics teacher, would go for it all and select Tim Tebow at shortstop. Mr. Reidy would also recommend not choosing a kicker who is suspended.

“I don’t care about real football, so it seems inconsistent to care about fantasy football. I really think fantasy football should branch out a bit, and maybe include some other options, like Boromir, Hagrid and Pikachu,” physics teacher Mr. Stephen Arico said. “Boromir is a good choice, for example, but only if you don’t also draft Frodo. Team unity is important, after all, and we know how that one ends. Let’s just say my first pick is Gandalf for quarterback.”

The faculty has a very unique way of drafting and analyzing the players when it comes to fantasy football. We will now await the start of the regular season, which starts Thursday night.

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