ODU: State of the Prep News

IMG_2899With the new school year in full swing, we have all witnessed major changes and new developments within the school and the entire Rockhurst community. One of these new changes involves the Prep News and the Quarterly. Aside from new staff members, a new adviser and a new journalism lab, there are many changes coming to how we produce and share the news with our readers.

One of the most exciting new additions is the ability for one to become a guest writer. Guest writers will be students and teachers who write feature stories for the Prep News without having to be a part of the staff. Anyone can write for the Prep News now simply by contacting an editor. This change will be implemented in the hopes that more people will be able to voice their thoughts and opinions that they think are not being heard elsewhere.

Additionally, the frequency at which we publish the Prep News print edition will be altered. Instead of monthly editions of the Prep News print edition, we have opted to publish 3-4 copies throughout the entire year. The content will look exactly the same as last year’s publications. However, we will experiment with different layouts in order to ensure that readers can gain access to information in the most efficient and coherent way as possible. While some print stories will also be available online, the focus will be on publishing original content.

Due to the positive feedback and overall success of the Quarterly last year, we will expand the depth of this publication. It will include stories ranging from reflections on past events to certain trends noticed around the school.

The Prep News Online will now feature podcast interviews with athletes conducted by Broadcasting students under the guidance of Mr. Brian Bruce, original feature stories and photographs from games and events around the school.

We will also be making changes to our social media presence. Our Twitter page has been more active since the beginning of the school year, keeping students up-to-date on events happening around the Rockhurst community. Any information regarding athletics and school spirit can also be found on this page. Additionally, It will include important information that students need quick access to such as lunch menus and daily schedules.

The above-mentioned changes will be made in order to enable students at Rockhurst to immerse themselves in the power of the written word. We want to be the news source created by students, for students. It is hoped that students will be able to learn more about the school, the community, and themselves.

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