New third floor construction offers students new learning opportunities

Over the summer of 201010_CAPRIO_SAMUEL6, Rockhurst High School made renovations to the third floor where the library used to be. These renovations include new classrooms and a new study area for students. The library has since moved to Xavier Hall.

Some of the new classrooms on the third floor are “active learning classrooms,” which most students seem to enjoy.

“The design of each classroom really helps me understand and work through the material.” junior Frank Cucchiara said.

The other new classrooms are modeled like other classrooms throughout the building. The new rooms have a see-through, sliding door that connects two classrooms. They are similar to the traditional classrooms around the building.

Another new feature on the third floor is the Centennial Learning Commons for students to use during their self directed time. This new area includes spaces for multiple students to be able to work together, big see through white boards on the walls for students to use for academic purposes, wooden booths for student use and many electrical outlets that allow students to charge their iPads throughout the day.

“I think that it’s a great place for students to interact with one another and seek help from peers and teachers,” junior Massimo Avelluto said. “It brings a new element to the Rockhurst building.”

Students are using the new study area during their free time in order to get homework done. The Centennial Learning Commons allows multiple students to work together on projects or for students to do individual work.

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