New construction changes landscape of the building

This piece was published in the August 2016 print edition of the Prep News.

Rockhurst has seen many changes to its building this year, but most notable have been the newly renovated areas of the building on the third floor, annex and dean’s office.

The relocation of the library to Xavier Hall is temporary until the new learning commons is built during the upcoming summer.

011_ROUDEBUSH_FORREST.JPGOne of the additions to Xavier Hall was the language lab. The purpose of the language lab is to help students practice speaking the language they are learning in classes.

The dean’s office was also renovated this year to provide more office space for Mr. Matt Darby, Dean of Students, and Mr. Billy Linscott, Assistant Dean of Students. A conference room was added to add provide more privacy for students. To accommodate for these changes, the old JUG room (113) was knocked down.

“We renovated the dean’s office mainly for privacy issues,” Mr. Linscott said.

The largest change to the school was to the third floor renovations. The space where the library and computer labs were was transformed into more classroom spaces. There were also student study spaces added. This space contain white boards and direct access to the internet for those who use laptops.

With the current modernization of school facilities, it is hoped that these developments will have a positive impact on school development.

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