Teacher Writes Second Full-Length Novel

This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News


Ever since he was seven, English teacher Mr. David Spitz has known that he wanted to write. When assigned a small writing assignment in the second grade, he would go above and beyond the requirements and while doing so, he found his love for writing.


“I have been writing almost my whole life. I remember my mom would read to me when I was really little, and I think that is where I got my love for books. Then, in second grade, I turned one of my writing assignments into a short story,” Mr. Spitz said.

Mr. Spitz began writing novels in high school when he self published his first book, The Endeavor’s Compass. Self publishing is when an author publishes his or her own novel at their own financial expenses. The Endeavor’s Compass takes place in 1850s London, England and chronicles the story of Mr. Thomas Witan, owner of Witan Shipping, and his struggle between his past and present troubles in life.

This love for writing has led Mr. Spitz to write his latest novel, Leopold Murphy Defrocked. It is about a priest who is defrocked, or removed from the priesthood, and then his adventures on the vacation that he later takes. Leopold Murphy, the main character, was described as a dishonest person by Mr. Spitz. He is removed from the priesthood because of his scandals including an affair with a choir director.


The writing of the novel, Leopold Murphy Defrocked, took about two and a half years. Mr. Spitz wrote the majority of the story during his year off during the 2014-2015 school year, but did some of the work prior to his time off.

“When you are a teacher, you really do not have much time to write unless it is during the summer,” Mr. Spitz said.

Leopold Murphy Defrocked has not yet been published, and Mr. Spitz is currently looking for a publishing company to publish his book. The main problem with finding a publisher is that the Big Five Publishers: Penguin Random House, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Hachette, and Simon & Schuster are only looking for the “blockbuster hit.”

The novel was originally about 600 or 700 pages, but then he noticed that the story was not what he originally wanted it to be. In turn, the book turned out to be about 250 psges. “When I started writing, I had an idea for a character, so I was writing from a loose outline, but then I realized that that was not the story that I wanted to tell. I ended up cutting and reshaping a lot of it,” Mr. Spitz said.

Mr. Spitz currently has an idea for a story which he hopes to start writing as soon as this upcoming Christmas break. His goal for his upcoming novel is to stick to a stricter outline.

“I have an idea for a science fiction novel that I am outlining that I hope to write over this summer. Hopefully this is a faster project,” Mr. Spitz said.

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