Hiss and Dorell Win Freshman SGA Election

This piece was published in the December 2015 issue of the Prep News


The 2015 Freshman Election took place on Monday, November 23. As the newest members of Rockhurst, the freshmen were finally able to get involved in the Student Government Association.

As with the other three classes, the freshman class elects four class representatives and a president and vice president. The class representatives election process required signing up in the SGA office and going through a primary and final election.

According to Mr. Chris Bosco, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, president and vice presidential candidates filled out a packet that highlighted the requirements of being a member of SGA. The packet included short answer questions, instructions on the position and a petition to be signed by classmates in order to appear on the ballot. The candidates were also required to attend a mandatory meeting with an SGA moderator prior to the election.

“The freshman class committee plays an important role,” Mr. Bosco said. “They represent one fourth of the student body for over half of the school year, so everything that any other class leadership group provides is also on the table for the freshman class.”

The election results were announced on the Monday before Thanksgiving break. The Freshman class elected Jacob Hiss as president and Lucas Dorrell as vice president. Class representatives are Dominic Saladino, Phil Ehrnman, Nick Lynn and Jackson Ebersole.

“It’s very important to me that others remember me as an approachable guy who they can talk to about school issues,” Dorrell said. “I want to encourage everyone in my class to make the most out of their Rockhurst experience.”

“As a soccer player, I would love to bring Rockhurst another state championship,” Hiss said. “Yet, I realized there were other opportunities to ‘get my name on the wall.’ I just want to be remembered for something great, something that I can show my kids when they come to Rockhurst.”

The freshman representatives all hope to bring positive changes to the Rockhurst community in the coming years.

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