Rockhurst Hosts Annual College Fair

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News


Filling the Loyola Center with something other than volleyball nets and pick up games, the college fair allowed students to meet with representatives from colleges all over the nation. There were over 130 colleges ranging from local to nationwide, and private to public.

When students walked into the Barry Commons, they were greeted by Commerce Bank volunteers who handed out bags with a master list of all the colleges, a pen, dental floss, and a car charger. They even had a raffle for students to enter for a chance to win a Bluetooth speaker. One of the busiest tables, Kansas University, had only positive things to say about the college fair.

“The Rockhurst Club fair is definitely bigger college fair and always has been,” Kansas representative Danny Woods said.

“The amount of professionalism and welcoming nature from start to finish set Rockhurst apart from other places I have been.” Rockhurst senior Jon Wemhoff attended the college fair and appreciated it as much as the representatives.” I thought the college fair was a huge success in helping me narrow down my college choices.

College fair FINAL

Talking to the representatives allowed me to really get the feeling of how passionate these people were about their school, Wemhoff said. Students from other area private schools, like St. Teresa’s Academy, also benefitted from the fair.

“It seemed very overwhelming at first with hundreds of representatives, but once I found the locations of my top schools, I learned a lot about the programs and hands-on learning they offered that I knew nothing about before,” STA senior Megan Klinginsmith said.

The club fair had high school students from schools all around Kansas City, including: Rockhurst, St. Teresa’s Academy, Sion, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pembroke, Miege, and several public schools.

There were so many people that security had to direct people in the parking lot to available spaces.

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