RHS Club Fair Has Successful Showing

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News


In its ninth year of existence, the Rockhurst Club Fair showed this year’s freshmen the multiple organizations that they are be able to join. The fair itself was on September 17, during a late start, giving students an opportunity to visit the numerous clubs offered for their benefit.

Mrs. Carol Dougherty, responsible for organizing the fair, said that an addition of nearly ten new clubs fleshed out the fair this year.

“A lot of these new clubs are focused around the STEAM initiative,” Mrs. Dougherty said. “We had the introduction of the Robotics Club and the Rocket Club to the fair, as well as seeing the Herpetology Club being rebranded as the Zoology Club.”

Frosh Club fair FINAL

The structure of how the fair is run has changed as well. Instead of being a scavenger hunt having students answer questions about each club, there was a bingo game based on the foundation of the club, whether it was competitive, faith focused, or multi-cultural.

“The students then turned these bingo boards in to receive points,” Mrs.Dougherty said. “There was actually a competition between all the Theology classes to see which class had the most students fill up their board and to what extent. The first place class received a Chick-fil-a breakfast while the second place class got a Waldo Pizza lunch, and the third class got full sized candy bars.”

Mrs. Dougherty believes that this past fair has been one of the best yet. The students stayed longer than they have in the past, and it seemed like they were more involved in interacting with the students presenting their clubs.

“This year was great, but we’re looking at a couple of new ideas to make the next club fair even better than this year,” Mrs. Dougherty said. “Hopefully we can make this experience one that helps freshmen create connections with each other and other students.”

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