Questioning the Social Lingo

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News


Our society is constantly changing and recently, new terms have become linked with social media. Terms like viral, which is the rapid spread of informtion on the internet, are imporant words that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Will our society look back on our generation like we have looked back on previous cultures in a negative way? As millennials continue to grow as a generation, new ideas and society as a whole is always changing, as new trends. As our generation continues to develop, our ideas and our identities as human beings change. For instance, our generation has our own identities may be influenced by social media.


The next generation will have their own way of communicating, new terms, and their own identity. Our culture is always changing, and with social media, our culture will continue to develop rapidly and quickly. Because of this, our culture has been impacted like never before. New topics take minutes to become trending. It connects the common man to millions of people and lets us become connected and even communicate to our favorite celebrities. Soon social media will even become more important to our society, especially if technology continues to progress.

One example is the term savage applies when someone does something who others might not have the courage to do. Bitter is when you show hatred towards something, shady is a person who does not “keep it real”, and salty who is someone who is always upset. Another term is retweet, when someone agrees about something said, continue to become more popular because of social media, and more specifically, Twitter. Some of the terms that have been made popular by twitter are meme (taking a viral concept and making it into an everyday words), hashtags (words starting with a number sign that is grouped into a search tag).

Words like shady, bitter, and salty now mean things they didn’t before. Our culture has changed because of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets because we now can communicate in fast and efficient ways. New definitions for these words can now be shared quickly and simply thanks to social media. Social media is just the new way to share these new terms.

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