Kansas City Boosts Entertainment

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News


Many new attractions came to the Kansas City area this summer, including Scheels, Top Golf, and a Vineyard Vines store. These new attractions are adding to the already-growing popularity of Kansas City as a national city.

Located at 135th & Metcalf, Scheels, a sporting goods store, opened in Kansas City towards the end of the summer, but the business has been around since 1902. Scheels is more of an amusement park than a sporting goods store. It is equipped with a 16,000 gallon aquarium, a ferris wheel, and a laser shot shooting simulator.




Top Golf is another interesting attraction. It is a driving range that also acts as a family friendly bar. This is not your run of the mill driving range, though. It instantly scores each player’s shot; it is almost an exact replica of the Wii golf challenge.

The final addition to Kansas City is the new Vineyard Vines outlet on the Plaza. This store opened this past August.

These new additions to Kansas City have created an excitement throughout the student body, as well as throughout the entire city. But these places should not have the hype they do.

It is really cool that Kansas City is being noticed as a large city to bring these large chains, but we should not be excited as we are because everyone has already had them.

Vineyard Vines even has this thing called a website that has everything that they sell in one convenient place instead of the store where they may or may not have something in stock.

Top Golf is nothing more than a glorified, overpriced driving range. Honestly, if I wanted to have a good time playing golf with my friends, I can just go play nine holes at any golf course I wanted to, and it is cheaper.

Just because the rest of the country has a Scheels, Vineyard Vines, Top Golf, or insert any large national chain here doesn’t mean Kansas City is not “cool” because it does not have these stores. Kansas City was already a great city to live in before we had the stores.

If hitting balls at Top Golf or shopping at Vineyard Vines or Scheels is for you, then that is cool but that should not make you better than the next guy who would rather play at a local course or shop at another store that may not be as expensive.

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