An Art that Cannot Be Forgotten

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News


History can pertain to anything that happened a few minutes ago to fossils dated one million years ago. And what I think makes history so fascinating is that it has so many elements that can grip anyone into studying past events. But the best part about history is that it is true.

History has everything. It has violence, betrayal, love, mystery, sacrifice, among other things. It is a neverending supply of facts and information that is consumed by scholars who try to decipher its complexity.

Past events like the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, and the World Wars that have shaped the world attract most of the attention of scholars. But among the life-changing events of history lie the little events that may not have shaped the world, but shaped a few lives.

Portions of human history are often forgotten because of the limited effect they had on the world. Smaller events, people, and artifacts still need attention because the expanding timeline of life and existence isn’t getting any smaller. Also, since the beginning of time somewhere deep in space, the timeline has rolled on.

With the existing physical and mental limitations of humans, we can only learn so much. Oral tradition is the longest running form of historical record, but it has caused some deformities in history. That is what makes history so fascinating.

It is impossible for humans to comprehend all of what has happened since the beginning of existence and of life itself, and it is safe to say we never will. But the entertainment in studying and finding new information that can connect pieces to the puzzle of life makes history so interesting.

The vast opportunity for people to experience what used to be is a benefit. It allows for us to learn from the past and find ways to improve on methods of human survival while living an exciting life at the same time.

History is constantly overlooked as an unessential part of life, but it is what formed our way of life and who we are. And even though history can be boring, there is definitely something for everyone to find interest in because history is just one big narrative of life. And whether you like it or not, you are another chapter waiting to be studied, or forgotten.

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