Tracks of the Week: Gregory Porter, Langhorne Slim, Hippo Campus and more

Gregory Porter – “Be Good (Lion’s Song)”

This song sounds straight out of 30’s jazz club, to the point where I feel like I can see it if I close my eyes. Each part of the song moves to its own beat. The piano, bass, saxophone, and singer all move to their own complementing beat, rather than playing off each other. Porter is also a superb vocalist, possessing a roar that lives up to the song’s namesake.


Langhorne Slim – “The Way We Move”

Langhorne Slim is a newer alt-folk band that always has a sound that radiates fun. None of the music itself is that cleanly made, not sounding like it is played or sang with the intent of being precise. But this seems to be a stylistic choice, and one that works for them. They are a laid back band whose music would fit in at any get together.


Hippo Campus – “Suicide Saturday”

Suicide Saturday is an ambient almost ethereal rock/alternative song. The most impressive part of which is the way they achieve this sound. For the most part it is achieved through the melodic background singers, and a low mellow base line that rides throughout the song, not post de facto production. Hippo Campus is coming to Kansas City on April 2nd with the Mowglis. They are not the main attraction yet, but I predict they will get there soon enough.

Some more tracks to check out this week:


Boy – “Little Numbers”

Bad Bad Hats “It Hurts”

Whiskey Shivers – “Angel in the Snow”

Toro y Moi – “Say That”

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