LIVERS: Texting should be allowed at school

011_LIVERS_GUSTAVWith the addition of iPads at Rockhurst High School, the students are now more tempted by texting than ever before.  Rockhurst currently bans all texting during school hours. However, with flex time, lunch and passing periods, students have plenty of free time that should be used to study, relax and spend time with friends.  Texting is important because it has became a necessary part of our communication system, and it is an easy way to connect with family and friends.

“Class would get out of hand if students were allowed to text while the teacher is teaching.  It’s disrespectful to ignore someone while they are trying to help you,” junior David Blanck said.  “Kids will continue to text even though it’s against the rules, but the forces kids to act like they’re paying attention.”

Even though texting is an amazing way to communicate, I do not think it should be allowed during class.  Especially since it is a major distraction, and disrespectful towards the teachers.

“I think phones should not be allowed in class.  There is no need for it and should be only be used if there is a really good reason,” Mr. Brian Bruce, Intro to Broadcasting teacher, said. “That being said, during lunch and other free periods texting should be allowed for relaxation purposes and for communication.”

I think texting should be allowed in school, as long as it is not done during class. If a student wants to text in between classes, there is no reason that it should not be allowed. Parents also want to keep their student informed on their daily schedule, and children should be allowed to communicate with them. Rockhurst has done a great job adapting to new technology, but they need to adjust their rules with the new adaption.

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