Tracks of the Week: Fire in the Hamptons, Beach Fossils, Kids These Days and more

Fire in the Hamptons – “Humanimal”

The slow build up of this song is what really catches the attention of the listener. When it first starts, the listener is tricked into thinking it’s an alt rock style song, with the bare, unaltered guitar riff and drums. Yet once the song hits its apex, keyboard and booming bass completely take over. The two sounds present in the song, while different, are seamless even with the song transitioning back and forth between the two multiple times.


Beach Fossils – “What a Pleasure”

It’s an unspoken rule that every band with the word “beach” in it must have a song with a high-pitched fast paced guitar riff. The guitar riff is the only energetic thing about the song though. The vocals are very atmospheric, and almost in the background. While this might be a bad thing on some songs, it fits very well as it adds more to the overall sound of this one, rather than demanding a disproportionate amount of the listener’s attention.


Kids These Days – “Doo-Wah”

While it lifts chord progression straight from the melody of “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies, Doo-Wah is actually a very original work, mixing jazz, hip-hop, and rock influences very well. Lead vocalist, Vic Mensa, delivers a heartfelt verse, and keeps a good flow without getting off beat, which can be a problem for him at some times. Presently, Kids These Days is no longer together, and Vic Mensa is now more well known for being featured on Kanye’s new single. But in their short time together, KTD released some pretty quality music.

Some more tracks to check out this week:


The Lighthouse and the Whaler – “Venice”


Francis and the Lights – “Like a Dream”


Midi Matilda – “Day Dreams”


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