Counselors assist with another round of registration

The time for Rockhurst students to register for their 2015-2016 classes has arrived, and the school’s guidance counselors are playing a big part in it as always.

Responsible for getting students into the courses they will soon take, the counselors are again helping each Rockhurst student decide how the next level of his education will play out this month.

Working with students to decide best how to prepare them for college, the counselors are learning each student’s passions to ready him for a good university.

“With most of the kids I meet with, we’ve talked about what their college expectations and what their majors are going to be,” Mrs. Carol Dougherty said. “This is the culmination of the process.”

Students are often given the choice between regular and advanced courses during registration. According to Mr. Kevin McAdam,  many show their ambition by often choosing the latter.

“Four AP courses isn’t a good choice for everybody,” Mr. McAdam said. “The registration process is about finding a good balance for the students. But overall, I would say kids try to challenge themselves.”

The process, however, can still be stressful for counselors dealing with problems students may encounter.

“Sometimes students come back because they’ve changed their minds or don’t have a signature,” Mrs. Tessa Fisher said. “That can start to pile up a little bit as we’re seeing more people arrive.”

Nonetheless, registration’s main purpose remains clear: to help students succeed.

“Once I’ve collected all the background information, we sit down and start to figure out what you can take here to help you in your future,” Mrs. Dougherty said.

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