Film review: “Boyhood”

The film “Boyhood” is a one-of-a-kind movie, following the life of a kid named Mason (Ellar Coltrane) as he transitions from a small boy into a young man. One may think they have seen a coming-of-age story similar to this, but “Boyhood” was filmed for a few days every year for over 12 years andContinue reading “Film review: “Boyhood””

LIVERS: Texting should be allowed at school

With the addition of iPads at Rockhurst High School, the students are now more tempted by texting than ever before.  Rockhurst currently bans all texting during school hours. However, with flex time, lunch and passing periods, students have plenty of free time that should be used to study, relax and spend time with friends.  TextingContinue reading “LIVERS: Texting should be allowed at school”

HODES: History, the overlooked subject

History can pertain to anything that happened a few minutes ago to fossils dated one million years ago. And what I think makes history so fascinating is that it has so many elements that can grip anyone into studying past events. But the best part about history is that it is true. History has everything.Continue reading “HODES: History, the overlooked subject”

Tracks of the Week: Fire in the Hamptons, Beach Fossils, Kids These Days and more

Fire in the Hamptons – “Humanimal” The slow build up of this song is what really catches the attention of the listener. When it first starts, the listener is tricked into thinking it’s an alt rock style song, with the bare, unaltered guitar riff and drums. Yet once the song hits its apex, keyboard andContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Fire in the Hamptons, Beach Fossils, Kids These Days and more”

Counselors assist with another round of registration

The time for Rockhurst students to register for their 2015-2016 classes has arrived, and the school’s guidance counselors are playing a big part in it as always. Responsible for getting students into the courses they will soon take, the counselors are again helping each Rockhurst student decide how the next level of his education willContinue reading “Counselors assist with another round of registration”

ROTH: GPA not the best indicator of academic success

He gets home after a full day of school and a two hour basketball practice.  He takes a shower and pulls his iPad out of his backpack.  After opening MyHomework, he realizes he has two hours of homework and three tests the next day.  Influenced by exhaustion, he decides to just go to sleep instead ofContinue reading “ROTH: GPA not the best indicator of academic success”

LANG: National signing day is overvalued

Because highly recruited players believe in their own hype from National Signing Day, many of them fall into the trap of believing they are great without accomplishing anything yet. The fans take fault in the underachievement of most highly ranked college football players coming out of high school. Simply, fans beg and plead for highContinue reading “LANG: National signing day is overvalued”

Tracks of the Week: Little Chief, Beach House, The Growlers and more

Little Chief – “North Carolina” Straight out of Fayetteville, Ark., Little Chief is a folk/country fusion band. If I had to compare them to anything, it would be a more country influenced Donovan Woods. The singing toes the line between gruff country, and softer folk through the singer’s rough voice, but smooth delivery. I’m aContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Little Chief, Beach House, The Growlers and more”

KOUTELAS: Pats are the perfect champions

It is really almost tragic that over the past week the drawn out and unnecessary details of the DeflateGate scandal overshadowed the preview of what a fantastic Super Bowl matchup. On one side you had the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, who were looking to capture their second straight Lombardi Trophy and continue their building ofContinue reading “KOUTELAS: Pats are the perfect champions”