Roudebush: Class ranking is a neccessity

At Rockhurst we rate just about every part of our daily life. Walking into the weight or gym room, one can see the best fourty time, bench press, squat, or fastest 1600 meter time, along with many other exercises and events. We even having a ranking system for class spirit. The only thing that it seems we do not rank is our grades.

Academics are the main reason we come to Rockhurst, and it is only fair to the students to rank every student in each class by their GPA. By ranking students by their GPA, the school would create a more competitive environment which would lead to better grades.

010_ROUDEBUSH_FORRESTBy not ranking students, the school is doing itself a disservice. Some colleges require a class ranking for admission. Rockhurst is a college preparatory school, and it is difficult to prepare students for college when we cannot provide the necessary information for them to be admitted.

Some people may think that just because not every college or university requires a class ranking that rankings are unnecessary. Rankings could also cause those who are at the bottom of the rankings to feel self conscious about their grades.

I believe that these two reasons are the best arguments for a grade ranking system. First, even if not every college needs a class ranking to be admitted, I still would like to have all of my doors open when it comes time for me to chose a college. Also, if a student doesn’t want his GPA to be ranked, then that should be his motivation to work harder academically.

Everyone that goes Rockhurst has the potential to excel in school, but sometimes we need a little extra motivation. I believe that ranking each class by their GPA would give students that extra motivation.

One thought on “Roudebush: Class ranking is a neccessity

  1. Class ranks are not required by any college i have ever seen. They ask for it, but it’s not a prerequisite for admission because many schools don’t rank.

    Secondly, the goal in ranking is to build competition and identify valedictorians and such, but we don’t have those and don’t need competition. If students are motivated for good grades, they will achieve them, but if they aren’t they wont.

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