ROTH: A light at the end of the tunnel

010_ROTH_HENRYSummer.  It’s the best time of the year for most students.  Students are able to relax and get several months away from school before having to return in mid August.

“Summer’s the best. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” sophomore Riley Meloy said.

For the majority of the year, Rockhurst students are looking forward to either Christmas or summer.  While the latter may seem far away right now, it really isn’t.  For those struggling to get through the year, this can serve as a reminder of how close we actually are to summer.

In addition to Martin Luther King Day, there are several breaks during February. Rockhurst is off school on Friday, Feb. 13 and Monday, Feb. 16.  On Feb. 20, Rockhurst is also off for the 2015 Freshman Retreat.  These days give periodic breaks for students. Frequent breaks, coupled with Mission Week in early February, allow for less school days, not to mention the potential for a couple of snow days.

These short breaks can be very valuable in helping students get through the beginning of the second semester back at school.  In the first semester, students didn’t have the many breaks they have during the second semester.

Following many breaks in February, Spring Break is the week of March 16th, by which point we are over half way to summer break. Spring Break isn’t just a break, it represents a school year nearing its completion.

For Easter Break, Rockhurst is off on Good Friday and Easter Break, and then the Friday afterwards.  Figuring the many breaks after January, Easter is going to be rapidly approaching.  Just getting to February will send us on a fast track to April. The semester may just be getting started, but you will realize sooner or later that the end of May is near. Finals will be here before we know it.

Simply looking at the calendar, we are able to see how few full weeks there are in the second semester because of February breaks, Spring Break and Easter Break.

For those struggling to get through the semester, there is always something to look forward to.  After one break passes, another is just around the corner.  Whether it’s a four day weekend or Spring Break, the school year will end before we know it.

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