Tracks of the Week: Oh Wonder, Isaiah Rashad, BØRNS and more

Oh Wonder – “Shark” Everything about Shark can be described as so soft spoken. It’s as if no part of this song wants to dominate the other. The vocalists not pulling attention away from the piano, which in turn gives way every so often to the rhythm keeping drums. The product is a very laidContinue reading “Tracks of the Week: Oh Wonder, Isaiah Rashad, BØRNS and more”

ELDER: Rams should stay in St. Louis

The St. Louis Rams’ owner, Stan Kroenke, has recently been considering a relocation to Los Angeles for the team. He clearly wants out of St. Louis, but the NFL is making it tough for him. The city of St. Louis is hoping their city remains an NFL venue, while Los Angeles hopes to become one.Continue reading “ELDER: Rams should stay in St. Louis”

Ex CIA Spy shares life story

On Monday, January 12, Mr. James Olson came to Rockhurst to speak in an event sponsored by the National Honors Society. Olson, Ex-CIA Chief of Counterintelligence, shared some of his experiences with students about his time in the Central Intelligence Agency and how he became a spy. Mr. Olson was on leave from the NavyContinue reading “Ex CIA Spy shares life story”

Roudebush: Class ranking is a neccessity

At Rockhurst we rate just about every part of our daily life. Walking into the weight or gym room, one can see the best fourty time, bench press, squat, or fastest 1600 meter time, along with many other exercises and events. We even having a ranking system for class spirit. The only thing that itContinue reading “Roudebush: Class ranking is a neccessity”

ROTH: A light at the end of the tunnel

Summer.  It’s the best time of the year for most students.  Students are able to relax and get several months away from school before having to return in mid August. “Summer’s the best. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” sophomore Riley Meloy said. For the majority of the year, Rockhurst students areContinue reading “ROTH: A light at the end of the tunnel”

NBA Update: Trades, injuries and more

This article was co-written by Sam Keefe and Eli Pittman.  Updated Power Rankings as of January 15th. 1. Golden State Warriors 2. Atlanta Hawks 3. Portland Trailblazers 4. Memphis Grizzlies 5. Dallas Mavericks 6. Toronto Raptors 7. Houston Rockets 8. LA Clippers 9. Washington Wizards 10. Chicago Bulls 11. San Antonio Spurs 12. Detroit PistonsContinue reading “NBA Update: Trades, injuries and more”

AHMED: My journey through Rockhurst

Individuals at Rockhurst High School have unique qualities and come from vastly different backgrounds. I am of Pakistani descent and was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I am Muslim and have found my place in the Rockhurst community in the past three years here. Unfortunately, this was not necessarily true when I first started applying toContinue reading “AHMED: My journey through Rockhurst”

LANG: Common sense would go a long way in the NFL

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys reeled in a miraculous catch against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Championship game Sunday—one that should have given the Cowboys a decisive advantage going into the final four minutes of the game, but didn’t. At first, the referees called it a catch, but after a challengeContinue reading “LANG: Common sense would go a long way in the NFL”

FRANKE: Lets stop acting like the world is ending

We’re all familiar with the scene. The unsuspecting student walks through the lunch line with a backpack on—he simply forgot to take it off. The backpack causes no disturbance, and nobody is even remotely affected by its presence. But despite the lack of any tangible hinderance, the act itself is seen as a mortal sin,Continue reading “FRANKE: Lets stop acting like the world is ending”