HUNT: Dressed in apathy

011_HUNT_TREYThe uniform policy at Rockhurst is something that is often discussed and debated amongst students and faculty alike. Some feel that the code should be abolished completely; a few others think that we should be given official uniforms, or don a policy of white shirt and tie every day.

As I put on the pair of pants that I’d worn for four days in a row, I wondered how different my morning routine would be if I went to another high school, say Shawnee Mission East or Bishop Miege.

I would definitely be more selective in choosing my attire for the day. In my opinion, the Rockhurst dress codes limits the standards for appearance in that my mindset in choosing clothing for the day is something along the lines of, “People won’t care what I’m wearing because they’ll know that it’s not what I’d actually have chosen to wear.”

If I was picking any of my clothes instead of just the ones that Rockhurst permits me to wear, then I would be much more selective in picking my clothing. Clothing is designed to give off an impression about the wearer. When we’re forced to stick to clothing guidelines, we can’t really convey aspects of our personality.

If I wasn’t forced to stick to the clothing guidelines that Rockhurst has provided, then I’d definitely put more effort into my attire. I can’t count the times I’ve worn the first shirt that I happened to see in my closet.

I feel that at Rockhurst, appearances don’t matter as much as they do at other high schools, mainly public ones. I feel that this is due to a number of reasons unique to Rockhurst. For one, the uniform policy creates a feeling of apathy in clothing, at least for me. If I can’t wear what I want to wear, then why should I care if the clothing I pick for the day doesn’t look fantastic?

If I’m going to be limited in my freedom of choosing clothing, I would rather it be limited even further by going with white shirt and tie everyday. Then at least I wouldn’t have to hide that fact that I’m wearing the same clothes day after day.

Some guys at Rockhurst embrace the uniform policy. There are countless times when I’ve seen a Rockhurst guy in Vineyard Vines pants with a coordinating shirt. The uniform policy is fairly kind to the “frat culture” that a lot of students at Rockhurst enjoy, in that many colored shirts and khaki pants are produced by “frat” clothing manufacturers such as vines and American Eagle.

In my opinion, the dress code only serves to repress student student’s individual personalities. Even on the “dress-down” days that we are allowed, we still have to stick to some element of the dress code, such as khakis and belts. I don’t think that dress codes do anything besides making students uncomfortable while making our school look pretentious.

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