Q&A: Liam Carroll

For the second consecutive year, junior Liam Carroll has earned a spot on the Missouri all-state orchestra with his superb performance on the violin. Liam shares with us his devotion and hard-work that has led to many musical achievements.

What awards have you won on violin during your high school career at Rockhurst?
Freshman and sophomore year, I received a 1 rating at the district and state solo and ensemble festivals. And, for the past two years I have been a member of the Missouri all-state orchestra, as well as the all-district orchestra. I have also been a member of the Kansas City Youth Symphony’s top orchestra for the past two years.

When did you first begin playing the violin, and what first got you interested in playing it?
I first started playing the violin in Kindergarten. I remember watching an episode of Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood in which they had a kid playing the violin. I thought it looked fun and have been playing ever since.

How many hours weekly do you devote to practicing the violin?
I spend around ten hours a week practicing, but if I have a competition or audition coming up, I might practice even more.

Have any colleges shown interest in you for your excellent achievements playing the violin?
Colleges usually do not recruit musicians, so I cannot say that I have been recruited. The whole process is driven by the student. I can audition at most places for a chance to be accepted into a program and perhaps offered a scholarship.

What is your favorite musical piece to perform and why?
My favorite piece to perform is one that I have just finished learning: Mozart’s third violin concerto in G Major. I like it because it is light, fast and offers some challenging passages which allow me to flex my musical muscle.

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